Hi! ★ I’m Havazu, graphic designer and 2D • 3D artist based in France

As a freelance graphic designer, I'm specialized in designing distinctive brand identities, editorial design, and web design. From prototyping captivating websites to editing graphic books or musical albums, and even creating designs tailored specifically for Twitch and YouTube, my goal is to breathe life into any creative vision. I thrive on projects that demand an innovative and unique approach and I'm dedicated to infusing them with a blend of unconventional creativity and a touch of enchantment, drawing from my diverse inspirations.

Feel free to contact me at hello@havazu.fr to share details about any project you'd like to discuss!

Somewhere between magic and storytelling

My journey as an illustrator has been profoundly influenced by a lifelong love for character design and storytelling, {perhaps ignited by the countless manga tales I’ve devoured}. This passion naturally intertwines with my love for nature and fascination with magical, wizarding and mystical moods.

Echoes of an artistic journey

Drawing has always been a constant in my life, but my artistic journey a significant turn in 2016 when I shifted from self-study to join an art and design school, Condé School in Paris. There, I immersed myself in the wonderful world of art and design, guided by incredible mentors. In 2019, I graduated with a European bachelor's degree and a french BTS in graphic design, and then furthered my education with 3D modeling studies at ICAN school in Paris.

To this day, I continue to self-educate because I love discovering new things, and learning is an endless adventure, especially in the ever-evolving field of design!

Let's get to work!

You have a cool project and need a graphic designer?
So just drop an email at this address: hello@havazu.fr to tell me more about it!

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